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March to Beach

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Elementary School Students from Champions Learn to Code

More than 20,000 students from KinderCare Education’s before-and-after school program to participate in Hour of Code
America's most accredited

Children Attending KinderCare Learning Centers Outperform Peers

According to new data, kindergarten students who experienced high-quality early childhood education at KinderCare Education were on average four months ahead of their peers nationally. The study was conducted using the Terra Nova, a widely-used standardized assessment tool.
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KinderCare Education introduces its newest brand: KinderCare Education at Work

KinderCare Education announced its new brand – KinderCare Education at Work, which provides exceptional family benefits for employers. This new brand brings together KinderCare, the best-known name in early childhood education, with the company’s suite of family-focused…
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Beach Elementary School reads big with KinderCare Education

On September 20, more than 140 KinderCare Education employees marched to Beach Elementary School in northeast Portland to donate books and kick off the school’s partnership with Read Big. The school’s 500 children were given a book for their home library to get them excited…
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KinderCare and Brookdale Senior Living Unite Children and Seniors

KinderCare Learning Centers, the nation’s leader in early childhood education, and Brookdale Senior Living, an assisted living and retirement community provider, are working together to create an intergenerational program in the metro area, uniting some of the youngest and…
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Champions Before- and After-School Programs Awarded AdvancED Accreditation

Champions, the nation’s premier private provider of before- and after-school programs, announced today that it has been awarded the prestigious distinction of corporate accreditation by AdvancED, a global leader in advancing excellence in education through accreditation.
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More than 2,000 KinderCare Education Centers and Sites Eliminate Juice and Fried Foods, Offer Children Healthier Options

KinderCare Education knows that growth starts from the inside out. That’s why, as the nation’s leader in early childhood education, KinderCare has made the decision to remove juice and fried foods from the menus of more than 2,000 centers and sites across the country.…
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Champions Before- and After-School Programs Recommended for AdvancED Accreditation

Champions, a leading provider of before- and after-school programs across the U.S., has been formally recommended to receive the distinction of AdvancED Corporate Accreditation.

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Inspiring teachers

Fact: A teacher can have a lasting impression on a student. Of course, children (and teachers) may not…