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EmployersFamily Care That Gets Results

KinderCare Education isn’t just about growing young minds—it’s also about helping your business thrive. We’re dedicated to helping you support your employees’ family care needs by providing benefits that are tailored specifically for your business.

KinderCare Education at Work is our family care benefits solution, and incorporates our already best-in-class on-site or near-site childhood education centers, Back-up Care and Care Select programs serving more than 400 corporate clients every day.

On-Site Child Care Facilities – We provide education and childcare in a location that your employees will love – right where they work. This convenience simplifies and improves their lives.

Child Care Select – With over 1,900 locations nationwide, our Child Care Select program gives your employees across the country access to excellent early childhood education by offering child care tuition benefits.

Back Up Care – Providing working families with trusted in-center and in-home back-up care when they need it.

Why are family care solutions for your employees so important?

For Employers Family Care Solutions

¹ PwC Millennial Survey | ² KCE Fortune 100 Client Survey | ³ PwC Millennial Survey

How do we determine which family care solutions best fit the needs of your business?

KinderCare Education at Work will be a partner you can trust and rely on from beginning to end. We will work with you to understand your employees’ child care needs and recommend the solution that is right for your organization. We consult with you to develop a survey for your employees regarding their family care needs—their responses determine the solution that is right for your business. Contact us to take advantage of this great opportunity!

We understand that maintaining an engaged and motivated workforce is integral to your business. However, every family is different—and every business is different. The one constant is that working families need family care options they can rely on. That’s where we come in.

Learn more about the family care benefits that KinderCare Education at work has to offer.